CL Series

CNC controlled screen printing machine for shaped objects

CL Series

Fermac has put to use its vast experience to develop a new CNC controlled silkscreen printing machine capable of satisfying all the needs of the cosmetic industry and of companies that carry out silkscreen decorations on objects with complex shapes.
The concept chosen to create this machine is that of offering a module-based line capable of developing the configuration based on customer needs.

Engineered for design

This highly ergonomic machine has a full-colour touch screen monitor to save printing parameters, making format changes faster and easier. The CL series is characterised by a modern design. The production speed does not vary, regardless of the number of workstations used.


Extremely precise and top-quality printing on shaped profiles. The squeegee is CNC controlled and can follow the profile of the object perfectly.


Possibility of integrating one or moreUV lamps, which may easily be removed to return to traditional decorating with thermo-plastic enamel paints.

Self learning

An automatic self-learning system equipped with a laser to read any shaped profile. This allows defining the shape of the object based on the decoration to be applied. Data acquisition takes place in just a few minutes through a user-friendly interface system.

The standard machine configuration is composed of:

  • an infeed conveyor
  • a numeric transfer device equipped with pneumatic grippers to pick the object from the infeed conveyor
  • transfer to the work station
  • deposit on the outfeed conveyor
The machine is composed of a module with a double work station which may be expanded to a maximum of 3 modules (6 work stations), all fully motorised. The electronic management allows:
  • vertical movement
  • rotating the object
  • shifting the screen and the squeegee
  • squeegee pressure
  • tilting conical objects
  • closing the counter-points
The transfer device guarantees that the position of the object is maintained perfectly through the various stations. The equipment design allows for easy and fast format changes.
Particular care has been taken in choosing the materials that come into contact with very delicate flasks (organic or satiny coating).
With the CL system, you will be absolutely free to adapt your decorating machine to the creativity of your Customers.



Available models


Main features

The operator interface is composed of a coloured touch-screen used to display and, if needed, correct the print settings.
The CL system software allows saving work programmes on the machine PC’s memory, so previous work programmes may be called up quickly, saving time and minimising possible set-up errors. The software allows viewing the following data directly on the display:

  • All print parameters (over-strokes,extension, decoration angle)
  • Simulation of the movement of the object under the screen
  • Object profile acquired after self-learning.


Main features

Technical data

  CL02 CL04 CL06
Available configuration 2 stations
2 colours
1 colour UV
4 stations
4 colours
2 colour UV
6 stations
6 colours
3 colour UV
Maximum diameter 120 mm
Maximum height 250 mm
Useful stroke 300 mm
Maximum speed 45 p/min (at 50 linear metres/min)
360° oval bottle frequency 30 p/min
Module width 800 - 1600 - 2400 mm
Options UV lamps
Linear camera centring system
Linear camera quality control system
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