F Series

CNC controlled silkscreen printing machine to decorate shaped objects

F Series

Following the evolution of shape

Fermac has developed a real cnc screen printing machine for decorating onto shaped objects. The F Serie has been designed on a rotary base concept up to 16 stations. This machine is the only one on the market using a real cnc electronic package for synchronizing 5 numerical axis during the decorating cycle:

  • vertical movement of the object
  • rotation of the object
  • screen holder carriage translation
  • squeegee and flood bar translation
  • squeegee pressure

with this technology, fermac can guarantee a perfect control of the printing process for every developable shaped object.

SPECTRUM: Camera registration system for hollow-glass items

Spectrum system provides automatic optical recistration for glass items. It detects existing refernces on the item such as: side notches, mould seam, glass relieves, shape details and previuos decoration on the item itself. Thanks to these features Spectrum can be used both for the first and or the second print run. Spectrum is available as optional device on all Fermac electronic machines.


Main features

The first 5 axis full CNC silkscreen printing decoration system

Each object holder installed on the rotary table is driven by 2 numerical axis (1 for the vertical movement and 1 for the rotation) both synchronized with the screen holder carriage and squeegee translation movement.


Easy and user friendly interface
The main electronic cabinet has a 15” colour touch screen panel where the operator can manage the main setting parameters:
  • profile of the object
  • stroke and over stroke,
  • angular position,
  • printing speed.

The FXX serie benefits for a self learning procedure which is reading the shape profile of the object to be printed. The user friendly interface allows to define the printing parameters by setting up the values directly on the profile of the object.

The main adjustments are motorized and the values can be set up through touch screen panel on each station.
All the printing parameters can be saved in the recipe.

Main features

Technical data

  F06-CNC F08-CNC F10-CNC F12-CNC F16-CNC
Number of stations 6 8 10 12 16
Thermoplastic colours 4 6 8 10 10
UV color 2 3 4 5 6
Maximum output 80 p/min 80 p/min 80 p/min 80 p/min 70 p/min
Maximum height 370 mm
Maximum diameter 120 mm
Self learning procedure Laser
Angular positioning Linear camera
Quality control Colour linear camera
Electronic package 5 AXIS CNC
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