Fermac Srl
Via La Spezia 162/A
43126 - Parma - Italy
Tel +39 0521 989056
Fax +39 0521 989118

FERMAC, founded in 1993, designs, manufactures and installs equipment for decoration of glass objects. The product range includes semi-automatic and automatic machines for screen printing of tumblers, bottles, jugs, cups, pots, ashtrays, perfume bottles etc., Up to 8 colors. In a few years Fermac reached an important position in the market for screen printing machines onto glass objects. FERMAC became the leader in the segment of high-precision machines for medium/high production speed. This market position has been possible thanks to the quality and high technological content of its products.

The company philosophy focus has always placed at the center of his interests, the needs and requirements of its customers. FERMAC has a flat structure which shows a great flexibility and ensures extremely low response and action times. FERMAC carries out its activities mainly abroad, with 90% of the turnover realized with more than 250 customers spread across 52 different countries worldwide. All are supported by after-sales services ensuring efficiency and productivity in any production environment, by offering the global-service and remote assistance.

FERMAC initiated a complete review of its potential to penetrate new markets, developing the following strategies:
  • cooperation contracts with major companies in the glass industry. This provides a direct local presence in world markets and therefore a more focused approach to any new customer demand in terms of technology and application
  • extension of its expertise in working fields different from that traditionally faced. Example: integration of the printing process with UV inks, penetration in cosmetics and perfumes with a full range of linear or rotary machines, development of angular registration and quality control with linear cameras, etc ...
  • analysis and implementation of a customer-service satisfaction, which allows to deal with new operational problems and propose solutions targeted for the cusotmers as for example preventive maintenance contract, personnel training, etc. ...

The main decorating companies in Europe and worldwide have recognized its ability to produce high-tech machines with high quality level in order to achieve the highest standard of decoration. But, above all, recognize the ability to understand the customer needs and the capacity to transform them into technical solutions supported by a straightforward efficient assistance service.
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